Letter from Our Head of School



At Chicago Virtual Charter School, our mission is to empower every student to flourish as an individual and citizen in a diverse, global society. We’re a rigorous, fully accredited Chicago public charter school, available tuition-free to all Chicago families who are motivated to participate in a parent-coached and teacher-guided education option. In order to provide the very best education possible to every child in our school, we use:

  • The widely acclaimed, proven curriculum from K12
  • Illinois-certified teachers
  • Traditional materials such as books and flashcards
  • Quality equipment such as field kits and microscopes
  • The latest Internet technology
  • A carefully planned and balanced program that includes both self-paced work at home and weekly, face-to-face instruction at our safe and convenient learning center

Every year at CVCS is a year of growth and improvement. Over the years, we have grown in size, added several new programs, expanded our high school, and continued to provide great new technology supports to learning in our online and physical classrooms. Our very best support to learning and student success is our people. I am very proud of the dedicated staff who works with us to provide every CVCS student with the best support and individual attention. We expect the 2017–2018 school year to be a great year, with many new support programs and exciting activities that will help every student to experience success. We look forward to welcoming many new students at every grade level into the CVCS family as we welcome back our returning students.

If you are looking for a way to become more involved in your child's education and to help turn the light in your child's mind, our program will be a good choice for you. I encourage you to explore this website, and if you have any questions not answered here, call 866.612.1450 or e-mail us at info@chicagovcs.org. We will be delighted to help you get all the information you need to see all the great programs that CVCS offer for you and your child.

I wish you and your family a successful 2017-2018 school year.


Dr. Richard Lebrón

Head of School