Meet Our Administrators

Dr. Richard Lebron – Head of School

Dr. Richard Lebron is the Head of School at Chicago Virtual Charter School.  As a school-level administrator with twelve years of experience in our state, he has a strong background of demonstrated leadership skills and a clear understanding of the operations of schools. Dr. Lebron is a state-licensed school administrator with superintendent and general administrative endorsements. He brings a passionate desire to work with students, parents and staff to keep building on the success of our team of educators. 

Dr. Lebron’s main goals are to:

  • raise the academic performance of every student;
  • provide a safe and respectful learning environment where our students can thrive;
  • increase communication at all levels;
  • foster a professional environment where collaboration, creativity, and collegiality are valued at all levels

foster a professional environment where collaboration, creativity, and collegiality are valued at all levels

Crystal Battin – High School Principal

Crystal Battin is the high school principal at CVCS. She manages all high school programs as well as K-12 Special Education programs. This includes all initiatives, high school staff and faculty, special education staff and faculty, and academics (high school and Special Education) at CVCS. Mrs. Battin’s previous roles took place in Chicago Public Schools as a high school Social Sciences teacher, Special Education teacher, Lead Teacher, Social Sciences Department Chair, Special Education Department Chair, RTI/MTSS Grade Level Lead, Transition Curriculum Coordinator, and Special Education Assessment Coordinator. She also served in Barrington as a Curriculum Lead, RTI Lead, and Technology Team Lead.

Mrs. Battin holds a BA in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Teacher Leadership; both from Roosevelt University. She studied Educational Leadership at North Park University and obtained her Administration endorsement while pursuing advanced studies. She is excited to be a part of the CVCS family, and looks forward to continuously helping CVCS achieve greatness!

Erik Toman—K-8 Principal

Mr. Toman is the K–8 Principal at CVCS and is celebrating his 10th year at our school. He has been in his current position for two years and supervises the K–8 teachers as well as the Advanced Learner Program (ALP). Before becoming the K–8 principal, Mr. Toman was our high school Academic Administrator.  Before becoming our high school Academic Administrator, he served as a Middle School Math Teacher for six years at CVCS.

Mr. Toman holds a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a master's degree in Administration and Supervision. He is looking forward to continuing the success of CVCS and improving its programs to better suit students' needs and hopes to play a role in making CVCS the best hybrid school in the nation.

Ms. Valerie Ruiz – Operations Manager

Valerie Ruiz is the Operations Manager at Chicago Virtual Charter School. She has several years of operations experience from managing another charter school where she also utilized her graphic design background to teach Technology, as well as various grade levels prior to becoming an Administrator. Ms. Ruiz manages all operational aspects at CVCS so procedures will run smoothly while improving and maximizing the productivity, performance, and efficiency of the organizational operations of the department. She is extremely passionate and dedicated to education, students, and families while ensuring the very best standards are upheld for positive experiences at CVCS.

Ms. Ruiz holds a BFA in Visual Communications and a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction. She is enthusiastic to be part of the CVCS community and welcomes the opportunity to continue enhancing the school and all it has to offer.